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Kristine Andrews

Kristine Andrews

Kristine Andrews, PhD
Co-Founder and Senior Director
Ideas to Impact

Dr. Kristine Andrews is co-Founder and Senior Director of Ideas to Impact, a social science policy and research consulting firm. Lived experiences as a daughter of immigrant parents, a first-generation college graduate, and a mother of three African American girls informs her approach to research. Kristine’s personal experiences with both racism and privilege compel her to challenge inequitable systems, present data with historical context and disrupt traditional practices and policies that perpetuate racist narratives.

Kristine has established her career in building the capacity of practitioners and other researchers by delivering strong training and technical assistance; working with communities to authentically engage and share the stories of those most directly impacted by systems; and translating research and findings into actionable programmatic recommendations.  Fueled by a passion to build community, practitioner, and researcher capacity, she has spent her career leading or conducting rigorous evaluations and research studies in various fields (early childhood, adolescent health, positive youth development, out of school time programs, teen pregnancy and parenting, and social and emotional health) and ensuring that this work is disseminated via end products that serve those most impacted.

Most importantly in all her work, Dr. Andrews acknowledges the current and historical context of race and racism in American society.  Among her many accomplishments leading racial equity in research, Dr. Andrews has presented or led trainings for foundations, federal agencies and practitioners on how to integrate a culturally responsive and racial equity lens in research and practice.

Dr. Andrews is also a Visiting Distinguished Fellow at Child Trends. She earned her PhD in Family and Child Ecology and Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy from Michigan State University. Kristine is a native New Yorker currently residing in Washington DC with her husband and three daughters.